Great Guests at La Casita

LaCasitaVistorsWe’ve hosted people from far and wide at La Casita.  We’re lucky to be hosting another great family from the Midwest of the United States. They’re  having a great time at La Casita and enjoying the local area and all of the amenities that come with a stay at our little 5-star destination.  About a fifth of our visitors come from the Midwest of the United States.  The chart shows where all of our visitors come from.  While we thought we would host some folks from around the country we never

Eastern North Carolina

La Casita is located in Swansboro which is in Onslow County, NC.

expected to host European visitors.  I don’t know why we didn’t…anyway, now, for example, I know the difference between a tea pot and a tea kettle.  I learn something new with every guest.  It has just been a real pleasure being a host and introducing our guests to all of the natural beauty and history to be found here in Eastern North Carolina.

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