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Below is a picture of my Farmtrac 60 tractor.  If you have a tractor like mine and need a manual please click below. If you just want a specific section of the repair manual let me know.  Price per section is $1.99. Click on the link to buy the manual you need.  I don’t share emails and you won’t get spam, spyware or viruses when purchasing my manuals online.

Farmtrac 60 Tractor FT1Repair Manual.  $29.99

Farmtrac 60 Operator’s Manual $19.99

Long 5320 Front End Loader Manual $4.99

I bought my Farmtrac 60 in 2003 because of it’s simplicity. It still runs great 14 years later.  The nearly 50 horsepower Farmtrac 60 is produced by Escorts in India which is somewhere behind Mahindra and TAFE in tractor sales in the Indian Subcontinent. The tractor is a clone of the Ford 3920 which was sold in Asia…and not here in North America as far as I can tell. Farmtrac went out of business so if you own a Farmtrac 60…it is an orphan tractor…at least here in the US.

I don’t know of any Farmtrac dealer selling tractors but Farmtrac parts are supposed to be available from Unifarm Machinery Corp. in Wilson, NC 252-291-399. You’ll have to google the phone numbers for Diamond R equipment in MO and InfoTech in New York. Try contacting those folks if you need parts. If you have any other additional sources for parts or repairs please post the information in the discussion forum on this page and I’ll make sure the information is available to all visitors to this website.

India appears to be the place to be if you are a Farmtrac 60 owner. Visit the Indian Farmtrac 60 Facebook page. The parts are out there, Lots of Farmtrac 60s were sold throughout the world…the only question is can you get the parts to where you live?


12 thoughts on “Complete Farmtrac 60 Documents

  1. My Farmtrac 60 turns over but will not start
    May be fuel filters. Have pumped the fuel primer with fuel squirting out banjo fitting as required in manual, but when opening the screws at bottom of fuel filters nothing come out.
    Any suggestions? Is the fuel filter available at an auto parts store/ crossover part?
    Jim Thanks!

    • It doesn’t sound like your tank screen is clogged…the tractor would start but would sputter and die…ask me how I know. Anyway, was the tractor running before? How many hours does it have on it? Have you run all the trouble shooting steps on C-26 – 28 in the fuel system section? Cheapest thing to check is the fuel cap vent clogged. Next, is the fuel strainer at the bottom of the tank clogged. Next, is there air in the lines. Finally, fuel filters clogged could be the cause. Where to buy? I’d contact the folks I have listed on the web page. I just checked Ebay and there are several fuel filter kits available for sale…pretty reasonable and they look like ones I bought years ago. Hope this helps. Jim Hamrick

    • Do you have a copy of the operator’s manual? Recommend you purchase a copy if not. You won’t find one any cheaper than my price. As you face the rear of the tractor look to the right of the seat on top of the differential. The low pressure side of the FEL hydro system dumps in at this point so you could have a hydro hose going into it. The fill port is there. Make sure you undo the fluid level check port which is just in front of the axle. It’s a 10mm hex head… there are two…you want the top one.

  2. I have a Farmtrac 35 and am looking for an operator’s manual. I’m told these models are very similar. My operator’s manual was in the tool box and got wet. Would the purchase of the 60 operator’s manual be comparative for the purposes of performing scheduled maintenance?

    • Hi John, I’d recommend sticking with a Farmtrac 35 manual. You should be able to find one on Ebay for a reasonable price. Also, you might be able to order one from Sundowner or another dealer that specializes in supporting Farmtrac tractors.

  3. I would like to get a repair manual that covers Montana Ltd.
    555-would this one suffice (Farmtrac 60)? I have an operator’s manual.
    Our tractor was recently acquired, do you know of any self help groups for folks who buy obsolete tractors?

    • I am not certain but I think that the Farmtrac 60 and Farmtrac 555 are basically the same tractor. I recommend you visit there you will find a discussion section for Farmtracs. Best, Jim

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