Building a Green Rubble Road

Some people run.  Some people lift weights.  It’s hard work…hard labor.  I’ve been fortunate to have some folks give me tons of concrete and marl rock.

A prisoner doing hard labor

Hard Labor

I break the concrete up into rubble that is used as fill for ditch crossings, stream crossings, or to construct roads and paths in our forest.

My tools are pretty basic.  I use an 8 pound sledge, a pair of gloves and my old F-350 truck.  I bought the truck back in the 90’s.  In fact I used the proceeds from logging our forest to pay for the truck.  We haven’t logged the place since.

Building a Green Rubble Road

A hand built concrete rubble road

A hand built concrete rubble road

What the heck is a green rubble road? I’ll get to that first let me talk about building the road. There is absolutely nothing fancy about this work.  However, it is very simple and satisfying.  I like to try to work at it about 5 to 8 hours a week.  The process starts at pile huge chunks of concrete rubble where, using the sledgehammer, I break the large slabs up into manageable 20 to 50 pound chunks.  I load these chunks by hand into the truck.  I do so carefully since I’d like my truck to last another 20 or more years.  I reckon I load about a ton or so at a time.  Just enough to get down on the helper springs.

When I get to the forest road I’m working on I lay the pieces down like cobblestone.  I then break the chunks up using the sledge until there is minimal movement.  This makes a rough but good enough surface to drive over with my truck or tractor.  Later I’ll be covering the ‘cobbles’ with a layer of sand/dirt which will help smooth the surface out. Here’s the green part. These paths and roads are great because they are permeable and minimize run off.  In fact they become covered with grass and help filter sediment out of the water. That’s important for keeping the wonderful waters around Swansboro nice and clean.  We are glad to do our part!

Help Me Help the Environment

Do you want to help build permeable roads and paths in my forest.  You can and I’ll make you a commemorative piece of concrete with a name chiseled into it…roughly, cause I ain’t no artist.  The concrete stones will be about 50 pounds and the cost is $25.  Your stone will be used to mark a spot in the trails, a point of significance or provide a piece of a structure.  You bet, I’ll send you a picture.

Order your commemorative stone by pressing the Paypal button below.  Let me know if you want your stone to be a trail marker, a point of significance or a piece of a structure like a wall or pillar or stairs or patio…etc.

I never will work as long as hard as these guys did back in the day…wait until the 1 minute mark for some singing.

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