Carbon Neutral Vacation and Travel?

Do you take carbon neutral vacations?

Do you take carbon neutral vacations?

I hope a recent survey and my own experiences are not representative of what people are willing to invest to reduce their carbon footprint.  Whether one believes in Climate Change or not it is a fact that forests consume CO₂, produce oxygen and help preserve water quality.

Just a note: While many people like to talk about CO₂ sequestration it is important to note that an acre of trees produces, on average, enough oxygen for 18 people.  That means our little 45 acre forests produces enough oxygen for over 800 people.

A Survey

“A new Daily Wire/Whatsgoodly online survey asked 1,250 millennials from all over the country just how much money they’d be willing to personally give this year to fight what the Democratic Party and the left-leaning media consistently reminds us is the greatest threat facing mankind: climate change. The answer is not much, if any.”

My Experience

Anecdotally, my experience confirms the results of the study. After hosting scores of families including many millennials I have not even once had anyone mention climate science or CO₂ sequestration in private conversations, reviews or guestbook entries.

La Casita in Swansboro

La Casita in Swansboro a Carbon Neutral Destination

We do provide a carbon neutral vacation destination.  Our La Casita in Swansboro provides travelers with completely carbon neutral travel and lodging by virtue of our 45 acres of forest.  The carbon neutral character of La Casita is clearly spelled out in our online descriptions on VRBO and Airbnb.

Take a Carbon Neutral Vacation by Staying with Forest Owners

Did you know that over 50% of the forests in the United States are privately owned? According to the Forest Landowner Foundation most forest owners, 95%, own less than 100 acres.  Of those owning less than 100 acres most forest owners own 10 acres or less. It is significant that 10 acres of some species of pine trees can sequester 40 to 70 tons of CO₂ per year. That is enough CO₂ sequestration for most American households.  Please see page 18 of “A Landowner’s Guide to Carbon Sequestration Credits” for more information.

The sequestering of CO₂ by over 360 million acres of privately owned forest is a major impact.  When water

A picture of the author in his forest.

A picture of the author in his forest

quality is included the importance of private forests cannot be overstated.  Coupled with economic impacts on jobs, industry and consumer products private forest owners are an important resource.  I encourage everyone who is traveling to seek out lodging that is carbon neutral by virtue of forests.

I hope the survey and my anecdotal experiences are not indicative of what millennials or any other age group is thinking.  I think people do care.  Remember, your stay at a forest owners home may make a difference.  Your decision could make the difference in having a clean forest producing clean air and water or the forest being destroyed for yet one more development or Walmart.

Think about it.

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