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SInce I keep a journal I decided to move blogging in WordPress because of the more interactive format.  Visit my blog often.  I post at least once a week and sometimes much more often.

I like to blog about my guesthouse, La Casita and all the little things that we do to make our guests have a great relaxing vacation here in beautiful Swansboro, NC. We rent La Casita through Airbnb.  Visit my the La Casita Airbnb page to learn more about La Casita and even a little bit about me.

I also like to touch on events that are important to both visitors and residents of Swansboro.  Right now the big issue here in Swansboro is the building of a Walmart at the corner of Hammocks Beach Road and Highway 24.  Right now my tendency is to be against this move because of the location.  Already the traffic is terrible on Highway 24 between Hammocks Beach Road, Norris Town Road and Queens Creek road on school mornings (why don’t kids ride the bus anymore?)  Another light will need to be added at the Norris Town Road intersection just to let residents make a left turn.  I’ll do some research on economic impact, environmental impact, traffic flows and anticipated revenues.  I love to shop at Walmart and it would be so convenient to have one just down the road.  However, we need to be very thoughtful before moving ahead.

You can also expect me to blog about gardening, forestry, history and wildlife.

If you want to view previous posts to my journal please visit my old Redbay Farm Home page.

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Jim Hamrick