Latest Review on La Casita

Our most recent review.  We work hard to keep our 5-star rating.  We are always happy when guests enjoy all of the little things we do to make La Casita a special place to stay.

“In short this house, location and host were perfect. I don’t normally use that word for vacation locales the family has stayed at, but it applies, here. The house was clean with spacious rooms and comfortable beds, roomy bathrooms/showers, kitchen with plenty of pots/pans/utensils/plates/etc with Breyers ice cream in the freezer (amongst other “starter” food items to help transition after arrival), recreation room with big screen (with all major content providers) & pool table, 5 starnew & clean washer/dryer, and patio in back from which to watch/listen to birds, the goats, and handful of chickens. Oh, and free WiFi (no begging front desk for a one-day courtesy access!). Easy 10 minute drive to beach, or short drive/walk to multiple stores a few miles away. As for host, Jim was very friendly and informative, and provided us a plethora of ideas for activities in that beautiful part of North Carolina. I have no doubt if we vacation on the Carolina coast again, we’ll be staying at La Casita.”

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The First Egg

Earlier this year I lost my last three hens to owls and a raccoon.  Only Willy the One Eyed Rooster remains from my original flock.  Now I have 12 new hens. Two are pictured in the previous post.  The others are 5 Buff Orpingtons, 4 Barred Rocks and a little Black Cochin Banty.  They all have a house out in back of La Casita which they share with Willy and our 4 goats.  Today I heard the hen making that distinctive, I just layed an egg, sound.  Sure enough I found a nice little brown egg in the run this afternoon when I closed up the coop for the night.WilliesGirls

A Great Safe but Ugly Chicken Tractor

My wife doesn’t want to anybody to see this rig from the street.  Yep, it’s a piece of redneck technology but, I’ve never lost a chicken with this design.  I started with the doghouse chicken tractor and morphed into this contraption which is built from scrap pieces of plastic food barrels and scrap tin…for the house.  I painted the house hoping it would look better…oh well. The chicken run is from my original doghouse chicken tractor.  Great design for a couple of hens!  My two little pullets should start laying in a month or two. The scrap piece of trash bin is for shade.  Visit my old chicken tractor page if you want to see the original plans for the doghouse chicken tractor.DSCN3193 DSCN3194