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Jim Hamrick in the Red Bay Farm forest

Welcome to the firewood page. I cut firewood each winter. I cut the wood as part of something called timber stand improvement...the thinning of the forest to promote growth.

I urge homeowners to purchase local firewood harvested within 50 miles of their home to mitigate the spread of insect pests and disease. Read this article from the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources on Using Local Firewood. I recommend homeowners get to know a local landowner and either cut the firewood themselves or pay the landowner for firewood. Another alternative is to cut wood in a state, national forest or city park. For the more frugal among us, pallets and other packing material sometimes contain hardwood which can be used for firewood.

Common Woods Used for Heating

Do you want to learn about firewood or how to cut your own firewood? Select one of the links from the drop down menu below and then click the "Let's Go" button.

Visit Woodheat.org to learn how to safely heat your home with wood.

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